WGC 2017 Overview

2018 Speakers


Highlights of GAS-EAS 2018

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  • Navigating the latest gas development policy and regulation updates in Mozambique, Tanzania and South Africa
  • Host Government – Investor Dialogue about major challenges, new initiatives & investment strategies for proposed gas projects in East & Southern Africa
  • Spotlights national content policy, local capacity building and infrastructure development plan to ensure gas monetization project implementation in East & Southern Africa
  • Projects Updating in East & Southern Africa, including FLNG, LNG Plants, Pipelines, LNG import terminals (FSRUs), and Gas / LNG-to-Power projects
  • Showcasing innovations in Onshore and Floating LNG, Pipeline, Import LNG Terminal, FSRU and Gas-to-Power technologies for East & Southern Africa

Sponsors & Exhibitors 2018

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