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Agenda at a Glance


    Session 1:Landscape of Global and MEA Nuclear Energy Potentials

    Session 2:Spotlighting on MEA Countries: Programs, Achievements and Future Steps

    Session 3:Accelerating MEA NPP Preparation: Legal Framework & Implementation Strategies

    Session 4:Tackling MEA NPP Projects: Updated Progress and Success Story

    Session 5:Exploring MEA Nuclear Technology Selection, Transfer and Localization Options

    Session 6:Advance in Safety, Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Preparation

    Session 7:Empowering MEA Nuclear Development: Innovative Technology Demonstrations

Why you can't miss

  ♦    The ONLY conference focusing on latest nuclear energy potentials in MEA countries: Egypt, Turkey,
      UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Jordan, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, and more
♦    Updates on nuclear reactor technology options and NPP projects in MEA
♦    Accelerating MEA Nuclear Program Implementation: Infrastructure and Legal Framework, Reactor
      Technology Selection and Transfer, Localization and Talent Development, Nuclear Fuel Cycle and
      Waste Management Preparation Work
♦    Best Showcasing opportunities for Engineering, Services and Advanced Technologies Companies
♦    Exclusive Entrance to valuable insights from local & international governments, regulators, operators,
      reactor vendors, contractors, agencies, technology & service providers, and more

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