3 Top Reasons Why Attend?

    International Smart Logistics & Supply Chain Congress China 2018 is the most pragmatic international event exploring the smart logistics and supply chain development in China, which are driven by smart manufacturing, new retail and technology innovation trends, by introducing and sharing the best practices both from home and abroad.

Event Highlight

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  • New Trends of Global Smart Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Best Practices of Smart Logistics both Home and Abroad
  • Smart Manufacturing + Smart Logistics
  • New Retail + Smart Logistics
  • Smart Warehouse
  • Smart Distribution
  • UAV
  • Smart Cold Chain
  • Smart Supply Chain
  • Warehouse + Delivery
  • Upgrade of City Distribution
  • 4PL
  • Smart Transportation
  • AI
  • IoT
  • Cloud Logistics
  • Big Data in Logistics
  • Blockchain
  • Logistics Finance and Supply Chain Finance

Early Confirmed Speakers

Sponsors in ISLC 2018

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