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  • Experience from China to Succeed in Asian Retail Markets: How to Win E-Commerce and Cross-Border Business?
  • How Can Asian Retail Players Harness the Power of Mobile to Drive Revenue and Growth?
  • How and Ensure Retail Business a Success Partnering with New Technologies (Data, Blockchain, AR, VR, AI, IoT, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Marketing Automation) to Drive Customer Engagement and foster loyalty?
  • Strategy Readjustment and Business Model Innovation – Case Sharing from Brick & Mortar, CVS, Brands and More
  • Creating Cost-effective and Operationally Efficient Fulfilment Ecosystems to Meet Customer Delivery Needs
  • Delivering Excellent Digital Payment Solutions to Support both Online and Offline Business
  • Taking Advantage of Simplicity and Agility for Omni-Channel Synchronicity
  • E-commerce and beyond E-commerce: All for Growth
  • Roadmap to Retail Trends and Transformation in Asia by 2020
  • Overview of Indonesia’s Retail Start-up Ecosystem from an Investment Perspective

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