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Being Part of a Team

Friendly and harmonious atmosphere

SZ&W Group has a very relax working environment. Excellent teamwork ability and easy-going is a key characteristic we valued when we interviewed some delegates, which successfully makes our group an enviable corporate. People enjoy working here, talking to each other and debating on anything new happened around us.

Work & Life balance

We keep following the SZ&W Group’s rules – Making our employees’ work & life balance, and we believe it is the secret to make a group energetic and innovative. Every Wednesday is our sports day, we play badminton, bowling, we try archery; Every month, we would hold a big outward bound to have fun and keep young.


As an expert in conducting training courses, there is no doubt that we have a full round training courses for our employees. We encourage our employees learning something new, trying to surprise themselves by successfully executing mission seems impossible, exploring themselves and keep growing. That is how our training organized and produced. Every employee, they also have some chance to spend many hours meeting and having dinner with top senior expert in specific industry face-to- face and one-to-one. We believe only when our people succeed, did our group developed and succeed.

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